We Produce Antiques of the Future!

We are aware that we share the dreams of the users with every furniture we produce in this process, which we set out with the feeling of “Perfect furniture is the furniture you want to be from the same environment together!” For this reason; As Asortie Furniture, our aim is to design the space perfectly and to give life to designs that will bring happiness to the user.

Thanks to the developing technological infrastructures, we are taking firm steps towards becoming one of the sought-after brands of the furniture industry in a way that is open to innovations. Instead of squeezing your dream furniture into a mold, we consider it our duty to offer you the most perfect furniture, especially by developing your dreams.
All of our products are produced by hand from completely natural wood. While producing our classic furniture models, we avoid fabricated motifs and polyester and similar materials.
We offer the most perfect furniture and decoration solutions for you not only in home furnishings, but also in every field you need. We are experiencing the happiness of gaining your appreciation with the projects we have done around the world in many areas such as hospitals, hotels, schools, cafes and restaurants.

You can create a palace atmosphere in your small spaces, especially with our furniture produced in the desired dimensions. With a rich choice of fabrics, you can use the color that is your style in our furniture model of your choice.

For all your furniture and decoration needs, you can get support from our expert architect staff, and you can design your furniture in 3D before ordering.
As Asortie Furniture, we have turnkey shipments to all over the world. We have product delivery and assembly service for a child of European, Central Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries. Let’s also mention that we are always with you in case of problems you may experience after sales.

We are happy to host you with many models that you cannot find elsewhere in our 1350 square meter showroom located in 4B Block of Masko Furniture City, which is open 365 days a year.

For detailed information about our products and services, you can visit www.asortie.com and inform us of your requests at [email protected].