Mr. Gafur Yılmaz, who is the founder and founder of the Asortie Furniture brand and still continues to support our company as a Board Member responsible for Trade and Business Development, is leaving his 50th year behind in the furniture and decoration sector. Gafur Yilmaz, who has been working in accordance with ahi traditions for half a century, without compromising the friendly and warm relationship between its customers and the satisfaction of thousands of people to whom it has served, and the quality of the products it designs and manufactures, has gained Asortie Furniture for 50 years made it a global brand. Our veteran Gafur Yılmaz, whose general principle in furniture and decoration is “perfect furniture is furniture that makes us happy to be in the same environment with it” is also the father of the name ASORTİE.

Gafur Yılmaz, the son of the late Ahmet YILMAZ, who carried out high-level furniture and decoration projects in Istanbul, carries furniture to the next generations as his father’s profession. As the Asortie Family, we wish many years of healthy and peaceful life in the successful life of Gafur Yılmaz, who has made many designs in the sector with the motto “My furniture fills the Golden Horn” and has experience in all areas of furniture from production to sales.

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