Staying at the hotel is always an enjoyable activity. Especially the hotels , which are impressive in terms of decorative, make us experience this situation many times more. As you know in hotels, beds are generally super comfortable, you don’t need to clean the room and the design is generally nice as long as you stay somewhere nice. The design details featured in hotels often make them stand out. For this reason, there are many impressive concepts about classic hotel decoration.

Often customers like boutique hotels that create warm, personal and intimate spaces. Many hoteliers want to find unique design. In this sense, they do a lot of work.

A beautifully designed hotel offers an abundance of clever design ideas. In this article, we will talk about the most stunning hotel rooms, kitchens, living spaces, libraries and bathrooms to offer you unique design ideas.

Fabric Wallpapers

This is a recent design movement in which, Fabric covered walls allow customers to feel themselves in a warmer environment. One of the most magnificent bedrooms at the Ham Yard Hotel in London features rich gray wool on the walls paired with two vibrant prints. It takes careful thought to pull this look off, but when done right, it can be game changing.

Add an Impressive Look to Chairs and Seats

If you want to differentiate your hotel rooms, you can add different designs to your armchairs and chairs. For example, seats covered with sheep wool will fit perfectly in classic hotels in places like Uludağ, where the winter is harsh. You should definitely try this trend wrapped around wooden chairs to capture the enchanting spirit of winter. This is an easy thing to add to any chair or sofa.

Take the Outside In

Waking up in a garden can be really cool. Therefore, you can decorate hotel rooms with green and various plants. Wallpapers with flower branches and birds will also help you catch this concept. It is that easy to make the hotel rooms in the city feel close to nature. Be sure, this design will be liked by the customers.

Add a Difference to the Room

Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to make a big change in a room. Incorporating dark colors will allow you to capture a different concept. Inky blues, rich greens, charcoal grays and dazzling eggplant purple allow you to create a distinctive and marginal room. Deep hues in a living room can be completely unexpected and create a great backdrop for brighter floors.

Find Dining Chairs You Want to Sit for Hours

One of the greatest pleasures of the holiday is to get away from city life at night and enjoy a magnificent meal and a bottle of wine. But what if you want to design your dining area and make it cozier? Make sure that your customers will like it too. For this, you can invest in velvet upholstered seats instead of basic wooden chairs. In this way, you will make your customers comfortable.

Try Different Designs in the Hallway

A striking pattern is the perfect way to enliven a dark narrow corridor. For example, a corridor full of stars or space photos will attract customers.

Give weight to art

If you want to create a classic hotel concept, you should definitely focus on art. For example, you can place important painters’ paintings in rooms, reception or dining rooms. However, you can also make wonderful decorations to the room with sculptures. 

Attention to Floors!

Rich wooden floors warm any space, but they are often unnoticeable. Designed in many different ways, the standard wooden floor creates an eye-catching pleasure.

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