In the 10th anniversary of its establishment, Asortie Furniture continues to be the most classic and luxury furniture brand in the world with its newest models.

The newest Classic Executive Room Set that will mark the year 2023, Shaheste WOW series fascinates those who see it.

The magnificent harmony of gold and burgundy, which is unusual in the Shaheste WOW Classic Office Room, draws attention first. The eye-catching leather fabric quality is in great harmony with wood carving.

For the Şaheste WOW Classic Office Room, which consists of 1 sofa, 2 armchairs, a stylish filing cabinet, a comfortable and magnificent table and a coffee table, a side table is also offered to its users. You can find additional furniture and accessory options in desired sizes.

Delivery All Over the World With its professional team, it provides trouble-free service to many parts of the world, including assembly.

In addition to designing, producing and delivering the products of their customers’ dreams in the best way, they continue to provide unconditional after-sales support.

You can closely examine the latest classical furniture models, apart from many models that you cannot find elsewhere, in the 1350 square meter showrooms in Masko Furniture City 4B Block, which is open 365 days a year.