Stylish Spaces with Art Deco Bedrooms

Bedrooms, which are the most personal areas of our homes, are also the areas where we look for comfort the most. Bedrooms that can be furnished in many styles should be stylish and comfortable no matter the style. Since elegance makes us feel good, it is especially necessary in our bedrooms. Comfort is the key to a good sleep, which seriously affects our daily life and health. It is quite normal that we look for elegance as well as comfort in places where we relieve all the tiredness of the day. After completing our search for aesthetics and comfort, our most important expectation from bedrooms is the style it has. The style of decoration is a category in which we reveal our personality and show our tastes. Splendid classic or innovative modern… If you want to see which one in your bedrooms, you can furnish these rooms, which are your most private space, that way. If you like the modern style but want to incorporate classic lines to the modern, art deco decoration is for you. Since art deco is an art movement that emerged in Europe in the first half of the twentieth century, it has both classical and modern lines. Art deco decoration, combining classical and modern together in harmony, brings the harmony of contrast to your bedrooms.

Catch the Harmony of Classical and Modern with Art Deco Bedrooms

Art deco, one of my avant-garde art movements, allows you to experience the wonderful harmony of modern geometric lines and classical magnificent ornaments in your bedrooms. It will be much easier to use avant-garde lines, one of the leading art movements, in the classic style that never goes out of fashion, rather than trying to catch the trends that change every year. Classic style never falls out of trends. The modern style, on the other hand, cannot remain the same without being renewed. So, it is difficult to capture the totally modern or totally classic style in our decoration. Especially in our country, the splendor and elegance of the classical style is an indispensable decoration concept. But our country’s understanding of decoration does not deny the modern. Therefore, it cannot be absent from our modern and classical synthesis houses. Art deco bedroom sets offer you just that. For example, with gold leaf, Imagine your bed, a very flamboyant headboard adorned with exaggerated carvings, combined with a full round headboard. Or of geometric patterns and lines, Art deco bedroom sets can be decorated with a magnificent chandelier. By hanging a famous painter’s painting or a landscape painting in the same bedroom, you can make your style even more suitable for art deco decoration.

Capture Luxury with Art Deco Bedroom Sets

Since the furniture included in the art deco decoration, which has been very popular in our country in recent years, are luxury productions, they fall under the category of luxury furniture. Luxury furniture is always stylish and elegant. The frequent use of wood and metal materials in art deco products also sharpens and rivets the luxurious look. Using colors that emphasize nobility and quality such as black, gray and brown in your decoration also makes your bedrooms the focal point of the art deco style. Although the art deco bedrooms have modern geometric shapes, they blend with the elite of satin and velvet. . Art deco bedroom sets are combined with luxury accessories, resulting in a perfect harmony. Luxurious chandeliers, paintings and especially mirrors will be great accessories for art deco bedrooms. Accessory materials suitable for art deco decoration are crystal and porcelain rather than materials such as ceramics and glass. Using accessories made of precious metals such as gold and silver that will reflect the luxury of the art deco will also increase the quality appearance of the art deco bedrooms.