In the fourth annual “Best Award Ceremony of the Year” Asortie Furniture received the “Best Furniture Brand of the Year”. We present this award to thousands of satisfied customers.

Speaking at the award ceremony held within the framework of pandemic measures, social distancing and hygiene rules, Asortie Furniture Board Member Gafur Yılmaz; “I am very happy that we received the reward for our investments and efforts throughout the year.”  As Asortie Furniture, which does not compromise on quality and dedication with its experience that overturns half a century, we were awarded the “Best of the Year Award Ceremony” held for the fourth time this year. Our Board Member Gafur Yılmaz, who recently celebrated his 50th anniversary in the industry, received the award on behalf of our brand, which was awarded the “Best Furniture Brand of the Year”. Gafur Yılmaz, our Board Member, who received the award on behalf of the brand, which maintains its success  throughout the year despite the pandemic conditions affecting the whole world, stated in his speech that he was justified in receiving the reward for our investments and efforts, despite the difficulties of Pandemic conditions throughout the year. An experienced furniture doyen who has completed his 50th year in the sector, “As Asortie Furniture, we have shown the quality of Turkish products to the whole world with our exports. We will continue our production without slowing down in the coming years. We are proud of being a registered global brand. I would like to thank everyone who deemed us worthy of this award.”

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