What are the most admired and preferred decoration trends? Recently, there are some decoration trends that have gained popularity in the past few years. These trends offer different styles and concepts. Each of them has its own character, structure and usage habits. While some decoration trends give importance to color and a lively concept, some trends prioritize functionality and comfort. In many of our blog posts, we have given and given ideas by mentioning these trends from time to time. However, in this blog article, we will offer you the opportunity to open a new window by gathering all the trends in a blog article. Let’s take a closer look at the decoration trends.

Minimalist Movement

The minimalist decoration trend is generally preferred by users who are bored with intense and glamorous living spaces. Generally, it aims to create simpler living spaces that do not strain the eyes. In minimalist living spaces, color tones often have smooth transitions. In furniture, the design is simple and simplistic. The interesting carving motifs of classical furniture have a simpler design in the houses where the Minimalist movement is created.  The accessories preferred in these living spaces are not flashy.

Scandinavian Design Trend

It is the most common and preferred design trend in Scandinavian countries, from which design is named. Furniture preferred in the Scandinavian design trend has a simple design. However, since it has a distinct stylish design, it has an impressive style. Generally, white color and white color tones are preferred. Furniture also includes natural elements such as aluminum furniture legs and wooden flooring. It is aimed to create a spacious concept in the Scandinavian decoration trend.

Bohemian Decoration Trend

Bohemian is actually a lifestyle. People who follow the bohemian lifestyle also apply this decoration style in their homes. However, there are also those who do not live and like this style and want to include it in their living spaces. Bohemian home decoration carries a friendly design. These living spaces usually feature vintage furniture. In some living areas and depending on the users, classical furniture with carving motifs can also be used.

Rustic Decoration Trend

Rustic decoration is achieved mostly through creating a natural living space. This decoration trend, supported by the use of natural wood and ages, is preferred with modern furniture today.

Tropical Decoration Trend

Users who want to apply the tropical decoration trend can choose classical furniture if they so please. In tropical decoration, the concepts of forest and beach are generally dominant. For this reason, textile products can also be preferred in these themes. Wicker accessory products are mostly used in shades of brown and green, which are often found in nature. In tropical decoration, it is one of the main features to offer a vibrant and eye-catching concept.

Eclectic Decoration Trend

Eclectic decoration, which is an original and stylish decoration style, consists of combining modern, vintage, conutry and classic styles. You should use all your favorite decoration items, namely your accessories and furniture, together with the right harmony. There is no distinction between old and new in eclectic decoration.

Beidermeir Decoration Trend

The Beidermeir decoration trend hails from Germany. It carries similar characteristic features of classical style. This decoration trend can be created through the use of simple but classical furniture. It is important to bring together beautiful and stylish objects in this decoration trend. In other words, the elegance of classical furniture, creating a comfortable and friendly decoration summarizes the beidermeir decoration trend.

Many different styles and styles can be added to these decoration trends. We wish you to create your decoration in your living spaces that you will appreciate, prioritize your comfort and create stylish living spaces.

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